About Us

A Phunk is a brand of hard seltzers. Hard seltzer are essentially sparkling waters with alcohol to which a light portion of natural flavors is added.

Phunk was born with the aim of bringing to Portugal the boom that took place in the USA. Portugal lacked a light alternative to the typical hard drinks that we already knew and Phunk comes to present this revolutionary alternative.

As the first hard seltzer in Portugal, we took the liberty of giving it a name and opted for “carbonated water with alcohol”.

All Phunk cans are produced entirely in Portugal.

You can buy on our website and anywhere you see available in the “Find Us” section.

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Nutritional information:

Each can of Phunk has 4.5% alcohol volume and has 26 calories per 100ml, for example beer 45 calories per 100ml on average.

Yes! Phunk Hard Seltzer is made with natural ingredients and gluten free.

Phunk is composed of carbonized distilled water, alcohol, natural flavor, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. Contains sweeteners

100%  vengan!

Each drop of water is gently carbonized to the right extent. Alcohol is carefully distilled and incorporated into natural flavors for a final result free from impurities